<h1><rotate>Perform at your best</rotate> with modern management software</h1>

Perform at your best with modern management software

Manage all your business operations and protect your data using cloud technology.

<h8>ERPNext the Software of Choice</h8>

ERPNext the Software of Choice

ERPNext is a powerful state-of-the-art enterprise software suite that comes with an elegant and intuitive user interface.

With over ten years of development, nearly all the functionality that a modern company needs have already been built and are ready to go.

<h2>Who Are We</h2>

Who Are We

We are a Zambian technology company that provides scalable Enterprise Resource Planning and Automation Solutions that enhance team collaboration, remote work, and statutory compliance.

About us

Products and Services


Enterprise (ERP) Software

Take full control of your operations. Get all the features you need to run your enterprise.

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Apps & Databases

Accelerate your transformation with a tailor-made database-driven applications.

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Accounting Services

Get a bookkeeper with proper accounting software at the right price for you.

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ERP as a Solution To Business Success During The Pandemic

ERP as a Solution To Business Success During The Pandemic

Covid-19 has brought in drastic changes and serious setbacks in all industries across the globe. Making businesses shut down and forcing teams to work remotely.

A good management software can help organisations in multiple ways to manage decentralized operations.

Why Work With Us

We are here to help you align your business processes with your goals.

Tailored to You

Every business is unique, a generic app will not work well for most. That's why we use the most flexible, cutting-edge technology to tailor a solution to each of our clients.

Great Support

Management technology and services are critical to the operation of our clients, we ensure that all support queries are attended to within the hour.

Customer Service

We constantly look for ways to become the best customer experience provider globally. Bad customer service is pervasive and we refuse to accept the status quo.

Affordable Pricing

We leverage the best technologies to provide the most value to our clients at affordable prices on solutions that are typically only affordable to large businesses.

Trusted by Customers and Clients Around The World

Bantoo is loved by customers around Africa and America and Europe

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