Business Accounting

We do the hard work for you, providing great outsourced financial management services so that you are always confident about the success of your business.

Financial Accounting

We help your company prepare and keep track of financial transactions in real-time, generate detailed reports and forecasts of your company, to show financial performance and position to outside parties like investors, creditors, suppliers, customers etc.

We use standard guidelines and automated technology to ensure every financial transaction in your business is tracked, summarised, and presented in financial reports or financial statements. We cover:

  • Journals
  • Bookkeeping
  • General ledger setup
  • Payables & receivables
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Multi-currency accounting & live forex rate integration
  • Matching & payment
  • Cash management
  • Transfer pricing
  • Audit & taxation
  • Financial consolidation
  • Financial statements & reports

Management Accounting

We help prepare reports about your business operations that enables your managers to make insightful decisions, both for the short-term and long-term. Our goal is to help you pursue your goals by identifying, measuring, analysing, interpreting and communicating important information to your managers. We cover:

  • Budgeting
  • Costing
  • Cost management
  • Cash flow set up
  • Activity based costing
  • Pricing & contribution analysis
  • forecasting & projections,
  • reporting, assessment & analysis
  • operational statements & reports

Group Accounting

We help with collective financial accounting and preparation of consolidated financial statements with technical guidance to ensure the ‘substance over form’ concept, which ensures that financial statements give a complete, relevant, and accurate picture of transactions across your business entities.

Social Accounting

Our Social Auditing services assists your organisations compare its qualitative performance against social, environmental and economic objectives, and helps ensure that you are working in accordance with your values.

We also help establish frameworks for ongoing monitoring, evaluation and accountability to stakeholders, both internal and external to the organisation.

Compliance Services

We help you with tax planning, preparation and filing of all tax returns, penalty waiver application and resolve from the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) on behalf of clients.

We go a step further by providing registration and statutory contribution remittances at ZRA, NAPSA and Worker’s Compensation


We help process payroll, calculate and file payroll taxes, and generate payroll tax statements and bank instructions.

With our business management software we are able to provide on-site and cloud payroll services, making the process simpler and enjoyable.